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Industrialized Industrialized X 461
StukTV StukTV X 373
Drugslab Drugslab X 339
Clisare Clisare X 262
Zoe Hazel Zoe Hazel X 262
Spaze Spaze X 221
Kendall Rae Kendall Rae X 216
NikojaSanttu NikojaSanttu X 211
sprEEEzy sprEEEzy X 170
Natalie Barbu Natalie Barbu X 168


Industrialized Industrialized X 2642
StukTV StukTV X 2313
Zoe Hazel Zoe Hazel X 1850
NikojaSanttu NikojaSanttu X 1299
Spaze Spaze X 1218
Kendall Rae Kendall Rae X 1043
World Wide Wohnzimmer World Wide Wohnzimmer X 1017
黑白熊翻譯 黑白熊翻譯 X 989
Samantha Schuerman Samantha Schuerman X 888
Fight for Together Fight for Together X 761


Q: What is this?
A: Well, this is a website that can provide you with a link that always points to the latest Youtube video on your (or anyone's) channel.

Q: Will you gain access to my channel?
A: Nope, you only enter your channel id, we don't need access to your account. We just pull your videos up through a url like a normal person would watch them.

Q: Why should I register?
A: You don't have to, but it allows you to track clicks on your link, from where people clicked, where your main audience is located, all sorts of cool stuff.

Q: And it's free?
A: Yup, very free. The base functionality will always be free, but you can optionally buy a Vanity link for a few bucks that removes ads and allows you to pick your own url.

Q: I just uploaded and the link is not pointing to my newest video!
A: It may take up to 15 minutes for a link to update as to not overload the Youtube servers.

Q: I can't find my channel id!
A: Luckily Youtube has made a page explaining where to find your channel id, just visit this page and follow the steps.